Refunds And Cancellation Policy is there to help you and provide you the best advice to help people in maintaining their vision. We need your help in supporting our mission and doing good in the world. You are necessary in our fight against blindness and initiative to support and help people with vision disabilities. By opting for refund or cancellation you hurt of initiative, and cause damage to the charitable and good initiatives. If you have any concerns please first reach out to us and we will ensure an amicable resolution to your issues.

  1. As a member and reader you will help support our initiative against blindness. You are not entitled to any refunds unless you have communicated with us in writing and we are not able to provide you an amicable resolution.
  2. If you have ordered any product or service and the same has not been delivered to you yet, please get back to us, there could be delivery delays or support staff could be away, due to our limited resources we are not able to hire full time staff at the moment, but rest assured all queries will be resolved within 3 business days. Please do not forget to leave your phone number and appropriate time to call and we will reach out to you to assist you. Please co-operate with us and do not instantly opt for refunds as we are charged for each extra.
  3. If we have already shipped your product and we have paid for shipping and bought the products for you we cannot offer you refunds for the same. So please before ordering make sure you absolutely want the products and would not be asking for refunds except for the condition when we are not able to service your product.
  4. We are sourcing low cost products from third world countries which are of high quality and from large medical companies and all the registered information, pamphlets, expiry dates will be listed on the products and the products will be delivered as-is without taking down any of that information. For this reason in delivery there could be a delay up to 25 to 30 days.If your order is large it may take us a week to procure the products, shipping may take 2 to 3 days but we will provide you tracking information and it is finally up to the shipping agents as to how much time they take in delivering you the products.
  5. In rare cases we may refund if there is exceptional reason or our services or product is lagging.