About Us

Vision2020.us aims to provide the best resources to help you keep your vision healthy and fit. Vision is the most important and yet neglected aspect of humans. In the current age of smartphones, tablets, laptops, high def TVs people are spending more and more time on screen, this is causing myriad issues ranging from eye strain to visual disability over a period of time. Eye Strain due to over use of screen time makes little to no difference in a single day but over a large period of years and decades it makes a huge difference. Share and promote our initiative in fighting vision issues, click the Facebook and Twitter share logo and share the URL of our website to as many people as you can to promote healthy vision! Finally visit the shop area buy our products and donate to help us continue fighting vision disorders. 

Volunteer Locally

We are looking for volunteers around the world who would keep our products so that the delivery and shipment time is reduced to few days instead of weeks. If you are willing to stock up on this inventory locally then please get in touch with me. Spread the word by sharing the link of the website using the Facebook and Twitter buttons below. Every share counts!