Coronavirus Antidote exists

Just think about it China today has total cases less than 100k. The disease is deadly and uncontrollable, and it has spread across the worldwide with over 30Million cases and 958k deaths.

A doubt should come in your mind that china with such population should have been the most affected and by this time a lot of people should have been dead. Even though it suppressed the cases still the cities are by and large working unlike India.

So this means the antidote to this virus exists and the antidote in itself is a aerosol particle which is dispersed through specialized planes.

I also wrote a prophylactic guide on managing Covid several months ago and it was promptly removed by all online retailers.

There was nothing illegal there, the most that you want in this situation is hide the facts. Now there are Chinese virologists saying it is man made.

Of course we all know this is a biological weapon.

I wonder when will coronavirus go away from my body. I have a lot of respect for it, and I pray to god that me, my wife and kid recover and move on with our lives. May Buddha help us recover.

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