Coronavirus positive

My whole family has been coronavirus positive now. My wife is currently down with the virus, only yesterday I came to know that she has lost her sense of smell and taste. I have immediately put he on HCQ and Azithromycin course plus lot of immunity boosters. I need to make sure that she is on proper diet including Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

Apart from that my throat too has been bad, living in the same home I don’t think I can escape from the virus because the breathing space is same. But generally I am wearing two disposable masks when I go near her. Also myself have started on same medication.

Only time will tell now if situation becomes better or worse.

In the last video the two products I had shared that is Indian Gooseberry I have consumed one half kg packet completely and of the other Patanjali brand I have consumed about 10 percent, a lot of vision issues that were happening eye strain immediately vanished after 1 week. But i do suffer from several other eye ailments, but if your vision is like 80 to 70 percent good then I think such products can massively improve and heal your vision.

Now the biggest issue in my home has become coronavirus, I believe the maid was initial carrier.

I really do not understand many things like at what stage is a coronavirus patient most deadly, is it something like the dangerous pathogens which are released by a positive patient can infect another even if he has developed anti bodies. What is the danger in reinfection. A lot of of doubts are there still I tried hunting but I do not know know still, if any of you is a qualified doctor who can make me understand this please email me.

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