Increase your vision with Indian Gooseberry but beware!

It has been 2 days since I started taking Indian Gooseberry (also known as amla) in the last video I showed 2 brands, one was in a box by brand Patanjali and another one was in a packet made locally. There is considerable difference between the two, the box from Patanjali I examined closely and found it to be high in sugar, and out of every 10gms amla content is 5.5 gms and sugar is 4.5 gms and each dried amla is sprinkled with sugar, making it actually more harmful.

Sugar is extremely bad for the eyes so I believe all the good effects are negated by the excess sugar, hence now I am only taking the packet one which I believe has about 2gms of sugar and 8gms of amla content.

It tastes much less sweet, and has already done wonders to my vision, from constantly feeling fatigued and strained eyes, I do not feel any strain in a week I should be able to write my experience and the changes in vision.

Also everyone should note that before you go out and buy this from your local markets ensure that sugar content is extremely low, I can also ship dried indian gooseberry with little to no sugar directly to you.

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