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What is 20/20 Vision?

20/20 Vision is considered normal and in simple terms a test subject sees the same lines on the Snellen chart from 20 feet that a person with normal vision sees at 20 feet. It is not the best sight however for example 20/15 vision is that a person sees at 20 feet what a person with normal vision sees at 15 feet. 

20-20-20 Rule To Keep Eyes Relaxed

Too much screen time can cause you to develop eye strain but there is an easy solution. The rule simply stands for that every 20 minutes you should look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. However you have to remember if your eyes are too much strained then it could take you much more time for your eyes to get back to a relaxed state and this is possible if you take a walk outside, or completely cover your eyes with your palms, then you need to check if your eyes have become relaxed and your vision returned to your normal before you continue with your screen activities. If for a long time you have been abusing your eyes taking a day or two off completely off digital devices is going to help a lot. 

Snellen Chart

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This type of chart is used to measure visual acuity. 


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