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How can you tell if your Home is Termite Infested?

Termites can be destructive in your home. You should, therefore, be able to tell if your home is infested by termites. In most home structures that is where termites live. A large number of termites forms a colony which can destroy your wood. Depending on the size of a colony, termites can eat up large wood. Moist and warm climates can also be a good breeding place for some termites. To stop any more termite damage, you should be able to detect any signs that your home is infested early enough, read more.

If the walls of your house have a clicking sound, it is a sign that you are termite infested. When you hear that sound, you should know that the worker termites are being alerted of oncoming danger read more. These worker termites make noise when eating. You can even hear the termites eating the wood. Worker termites are alerted by soldier termites of any vibrating noise by banging their heads on the wood. Termites also respond to fast and loud music, they even respond to rock music. It is possible to know if your home is termite infested if there is amplifying of the clicking sound meaning they are reacting to the music.

Flying termites include swarmers and alates. They are termites which have detached from colonies to get mating partners, read more. If you don’t see swarmers, it means that there are flying termites drawn to the bright lights. They normally shed their wings off by dawn, others dead due to dehydration from the lights. Discarded termite wings are a sign that you have termites in your home. Termites shed their wings off after mating a sign that a new colony is in the making. Even though they die after mating their eggs out number the dead ones.
You will see mud tunnels the size of a pencil width a confirmation of termites in your home. The tunnels are used by termites to ferry food to the nests. Some types of termites create these mud tunnels using their droppings. The wood becomes hollow because termites feed on the wood from inside out. This is a loss that is expensive they wood must be replaced because of structural integrity read more.

In case your door and windows are tight. The door and windows could have absorbed moisture. It could also mean that termites have infested your doors and windows. As termites eat on wood, they release moisture. Your wood can be prevented from termite infestations, if you read more. No home owner should do the job of removing termites on their own as it can get out of hand. Contact termites professionals if you notice any of the above signs to help you in dealing with them.