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Statistics you didn’t know of Cannabis Industry

Some time ago, it did not look realistic that cannabis would be authorized in the whole of America. In the present times, cannabis has been accepted for medicinal value in about 33 states, and ten others are using it for pleasure uses. These are some vital and intriguing statistics on cannabis that will confirm how the cannabis industry has greatly grown and the reasons of its greatness. Another of the vital things that should be known about cannabis is that America is dominating in the cannabis market. World cannabis sales are set to go about $150 million by 2025 with America expected to add a huge portion of these sales.

Presently, about $5.7 million makes up for the American cannabis market that is about four times the tobacco market, and it is as big as the wheat industry. The states in America that have allowed cannabis, just a few of them participate majorly in the cannabis market in USA. By using this provided data that are about seven states that spent millions in 2017. But cannabis spending is set to rise in these seven states. About sixty-two percent of Americans have fully accepted the use of cannabis.

Acceptance of cannabis has grown hugely throughout all age groups that had in the past not accepted the legalization of cannabis but now have favored legalization of cannabis as well. Cannabis spending is growing rapidly in America that is why there are many cannabis businesses coming up in America. Right now there are about 10,000 licenses for cannabis businesses in the United States. In matters of employment, in the cannabis industries, this sector employs a lot more people than the coal industries.

There are tons of jobs being created in the cannabis industry especially for those who can no longer work in the blue-collar and coal industries. The average salary for other industries workers per year is $52,600 but for those in the cannabis industry is it about $58,500. Those looking to earn big and earn decent salaries are best moving to the cannabis industry.

The executive positions allowed for women in other industries in the United States is about fifteen percent. Several people when considering the cannabis market think of THC cannabis products and plants. Cannabidiol markets are rapidly growing too, but many people are joining the CBD industry and benefitting from the non-addictive and non-psychoactive cannabis product. Many health conditions are treated by the use of cannabidiol oils such as anxiety and arthritis. Presently, about 55 millions of Americans regularly use cannabis either for pleasure or medicinal purposes. The cannabis industry is undoubtedly growing, and these are statistics which I’m sure to have taken you by surprise.