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Benefits of Wildlife

Wildlife refers to the undomesticated animals that live in a given area without being directed by human beings though some people have currently domesticated some. Some of the wildlife includes the lion, buffaloes, rhinos, cheetahs among others. It is very important to take great, care of wildlife since they are very significant to human beings. We should all come together in the protection of wild animals since they pose a great value to us.

Tourists are people who come from within or outside a given state to have a view of world animals among other things. Some wild animals are only concentrated in certain states and cannot be found elsewhere, and it is for this reason that people will move from their states to others or even move within their state to have a view of these wild animals. It is the attractiveness of wildlife that persuades human beings to move for farther distances to have a look at them.

Wildlife brings income to the state. The watching of wild animals in any given state is chargeable, and that money goes to facilitate the functions of the state. In most cases, states have come up with a way of earning revenue from wildlife by the building of game parks and reserves where they control various wild animals so that tourists who come to see them give some money in return.

Some wild animals are eaten as food in some societies. In this case, people hunt and gather wild animals, in such of food a thing that should be highly condemned since it leads to the extinction of wild animals. Some of the wildlife that is used as food by human beings includes the frogs, zebras as well as the sharks.

Some communities use certain wild animals such as eagles and their feathers for religious details in the performance of rituals and also offer the animals as sacrifices in their religious performances.

Most societies have embraced wildlife such as tortoise and parrots, whereby they keep them as pets. Those who don’t keep wildlife as pets are usually seen to embrace sadness by those who keep them.

Some societies rely on wildlife for therapeutic purposes. Most of the medicine extracted from wild animals are a result of beliefs from a particular culture and not appreciated by the whole world.

Lastly, wildlife is seen as a form of integrating societies as well as states. There are forums that purposes to cater to wildlife that brings people together to work on achieving this goal. The aim of wildlife conferences is bringing people to work together in seeing to it the well-being of wildlife from all over the world.