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What to Consider Before Buying a Tile Sealant

Tile sealants aren’t always that simple. You probably know that sealing tiles prior to grouting is a must and that how this plays out substantially affects how long your bathroom or balcony will last, but the differences among the different tile sealing products in the market can be quite confusing. Before deciding on a tile sealant to use, look into the following:

Tile Type

Apart from differences in size, shape and color, tiles may also differ in terms of the materials used to make them, including porcelain, composite stone, natural stone, and even glass, among many others.

You may have figured it out by now, but these various tile types call for a various of sealants too – alas, a tile sealant that works for all types has yet to be invented. If the sealant you have your eyes on has no manufacturer instructions on its label, make it a point to ask for professional advice or at least research online before making a purchase.

Topical Versus Penetrating

Before start the job, make sure you already know which sealant is your best choice. Topical and penetrating are the two main types of sealants available today. Topical sealants practically cover the tile’s surface so that water is kept from seeping inside. On the other hand, penetrating sealants do exactly just that – they penetrate deep into the pores of the tiles and fill them up, so there will be no more empty spaces for water or any liquid to occupy.

Final Look

Picking the right tile sealant – and tile – can be a matter of tiny details. Choosing your tiles to match your home’s interior decor can be a feat in itself, and the tile sealing strip debate is probably an entirely different article, so let’s analyze it.

When choosing a tile sealer, imagine how the finished product would look. Should the tiles be matte or glossy? As you weigh whether to go for the wet look or not, consider a non-slip surface and its importance, especially if there are children or seniors in your household. Just because you want to take care of everyone doesn’t mean that floor shouldn’t have its shine!You can take care of everyone without taking the shine off that new floor!It’s possible to keep everyone safe and still have a shiny new floor! If you don’t know what exact options you have, again, talk to a professional.

A finished tiled floor is a beautiful enhancement of any home or place of business. But to come up with great results, it’s important to give attention to every single detail involved, such as choosing the appropriate tile sealant. Unless you are a professional yourself, this could take time, but that’s perfectly fine. Better to take time preparing for a great job than repairing a poor one.

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