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Best Purse Trends in 2019

When we talk of fashion, we have to think of handbags. The purses that we carry need to match our styles. There are many trends in the market whether you need one to hold in your arm, or to carry it on your shoulder. The trends should also be functional apart from matching them with our outfits. You need to know the shapes, color and sizes of the purse so that you can pick your favorite. When you carry your bag, it should complement your outfit and make you feel great. You need to know what you can look great in according to your gender. In the paragraphs below, you will learn about some favorite styles for 2019.

There is the cuddle and carry a purse. As the name suggests, you can cuddle and carry the bags like a small puppy. The covering of the bags is made of fluff. If you need travel-size bags, you can love these bags. You can match these styles with your outfit if you like furry purses. They come in different colors and you can choose your favorite size and color to match your outfit.

The belt bag is another trendy bag in 2019. Like the cuddle and carry furry purse, they have trended and are fun to use. You can match the furry belt bag with your dresses and jeans. You will not miss a material that will match your style. If you like these styles, you can pick the neon bags for added style.

You might also like the trendy two-in-one purse. Your bag has a twin or is hooked to a smaller bag and carried together. The sizes of the two bags will not be the same. Others have two minis clipped together. Some are made of two big bags which are hooked together by their straps. Some travel bags can also have matching handbags of regular size. One reason you will love these styles is because you can divide your staff and carry them more comfortably.

Hand-held bags are also trending this year. You can choose a short or long strap. Playful balls and box cases among other things are found at the end of the straps. The straps will also look different from one bags to another because they are uniquely designed. The materials and colors of these styles vary.

If you love art, you can choose geometric-shaped bags. The bags are shaped like balls, triangles and other shapes. Ensure that the option you choose will function well and look great. The other thing that you need to think of when making this choice is the color of the handbag. Most of these styles will have different colors, and you can choose your favorite. The purse trends discussed above can glam you up this year.